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      Cooking is an art borrowed  usually from mother to daughter.  Most of my recipes which i am going to put up in this blog is my mom’s,  with a little alterations here and there.  Some of them ofcourse  is not  of her’s at all ,  since in those days she never used gar-am masala powder, tomato sauce, so-ya sauce etc.  But still the taste of her cooking is some thing different , which by experience only there can be excellence.

                I hail from a place called Thottam in south canara .I was born in Parkala,  a small village near Manipal  but brought up and educated in Bangalore.  I was married 30 years ago  to a bank officer,  who in turn opted  for VRS ,  and now settled in Mani-pal.   I have two sons.   The elder son being a Dentist, the younger being a soft ware engineer with M.S ,  now working for Yahoo in  U.S.

          Both my sons  are instrumental to put up recipes on this blog.They help me a lot in uploading the images ,  selecting the recipes  and even editing the same.    The blog in the beginning may contain  a few of Konkani  recipes,  but in course of time i will also put up some of the North Indian dishes, juices, jams, etc.  You may even request for recipes of your choice. 

          I love  to cook and also try out new recipes.  I  would like to put up some of the old recipes, since if i donot ,  may even forget. If needed can even look into the blog and prepare it,when needed.

        I would like to dedicate this blog to my Father-in-law , who was  a father ,  guide, philosopher and an  astrologer.   He was also a trustee of the temple in the town of Sirsi (N.k.) over a period of time.

          I keep up dating this page as and when needed and feel necessary. 




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